Motorcycle Insurance

Texas has some of the best roadways and country sides to explore on a motorcycle. But, before you hit the road, having adequate insurance is necessary. Operating without insurance can result in fines, and if you or others are injured, you could be financially ruined. The safety of you and others as well as to be able to legally operate on the state's roadways are top reasons you will want the right amount of motorcycle coverage.

Liability will get you legally out on the road. Still, motorcycles have more exposure than typical autos, so it is highly recommended that deeper policy options be considered when shopping for motorcycle insurance.

The Dollar Agency Inc.has years of experience helping Texas motorcyclists get reliable and affordable insurance tailored to their needs. We can help you stay protected when you are on your next motorcycle outing in Texas.

Minimum Insurance Amounts in Texas

A bare minimum will satisfy legal requirements. Liability only covers damages to others when you are at fault, not damages to your motorcycle or medical costs, which can be substantial. Bodily injury and property damage are part of what is covered with liability. Personal injury and collision are two types of insurance that offer a broader range of protection for you and your motorcycle. Whatever you choose, it is important to remember that you could face hefty fines and expensive medical bills that could be devastating without insurance.

Staying Covered in Texas

If you live in the central Texas area, The Dollar Agency Inc. can help you find reliable motorcycle insurance coverage in Texas. Give us a call to speak with an agent about how we can get you covered and protected with quality insurance when you hit the open road.


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