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Getting Boat Insurance in Texas

Your home insurance in the state can provide you with some coverage for your boat, but only for a smaller dollar amount. However, a home policy won’t provide liability coverage for your boat. You will need to have a separate policy for medical payments and pay for injuries and damages to others and options to cover a more expensive boat. There are three different kinds of boat policies you may want to consider. An agent at The Dollar Agency Inc. can help you decide which is best.

Replacement cost policies will pay to replace or repair your boat. Actual cash value policies will take depreciation into account, which means you will get less for your boat if it is damaged. If you have an agreed amount value policy, it will replace or repair your boat to the set value you have discussed in your policy. Other policies can have restrictions. For example, there can be restrictions on underage drivers or limits if you are going to take your boat into the ocean. You may also have a layup provision, which can suspend your coverage when your boat is not going to be in use.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover in Texas?

Many boat policies will give you protection against liability and some protection for your boat, but it will depend on the policy you choose. The most important policy to consider is liability coverage, which covers bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Boat policies may also extend to cover your transportation trailer, but this can also be added as an additional feature. You should discuss it with your agent if you want coverage during boat transportation. You can also get coverage for other perils to protect you in the event of an accident, such as wreckage clean up and sewage cleanup, which can be expensive without insurance.

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